Violent Games, Violent Kids

by cynthiachu on October 30, 2013 - 11:26pm


Electronics have taken a lot of place into everyone’s life. Because of this trend, a lot of brands have released games that are mostly played online or on a video console. As a matter of fact, numerous video games of all types have been released on the children’s market in order to reach the largest number of customers. I wanted to read about this article because the title suggested that kids love video games and that this relationship resulted in positive outcomes on the child, against all odds.

In the article on the Aboutourkids website, it reports that video games are becoming very popular among children. It explains this tendency with the fact that young adults find a form of entertainment in these online games. It also claims that online games can provide kids many positive social and psychological effects such as connections with each other, hand-eye coordination, stimulating imagination, cognitive thinking, etc.  

I wanted to write about this article because I sincerely do not think that video games are something we should cheer that the children love to play. In fact, I think that there are a lot of negative outcomes on the children’s behaviour related to these electronic games.  For example, according to NYU Langone, a medical center’s site, studies have found that these hobbies can increase aggression, high blood pressure and violent behaviour. Also, these violent games can make the players be addictive to them and have an impact on their bodies and health. As stated by NYU Langone, the children of our generation who are obsessed with video games tend to be less physically active and to experience obesity.

Also, the fact that children play a lot to video games worries me because the popular games of our generation generally incorporate adult themes such as graphic violence, sexual themes, vulgar language, aggression, etc. according to Kai-Ping Wang, a Doctor of Medicine, which makes video games not appropriate for a young public.

Overall, I really think that not only the parents but also the media should reflect of the pertinence of the video games they are releasing on the market and which they allow the children to play with because of the content and the negative effects it has on children.

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