Video Games and Real Life

by filip_bec on September 11, 2013 - 11:55pm

Everyone in their life has played video games, let’s not deny it. They are a form of entertainment and a way of escaping the struggles of life for a moment, just like reading a book or playing a sport. The challenge with video games is to not mix them with the real life, the one outside the window. So how exactly do they influence our actions and decisions, in the bad way?

First of all, video games HAVE some positive effects. Saying that all of them are bad and useless isn’t very open-minded. As a matter of fact, playing video games helps you develop critical thinking. When you play, you need to pay attention to a string of events, and this skill can be applied later on in real life. Also, people who are shy become more social, because games are mainly online these days. Not to forget about these strategic-types games, where thinking and analysing the situation is primordial. But the main problem with video games is the aggressiveness that comes with it.

The ones with violent content are proven to make teens more aggressive. The reason is simple; our mind is not fully developed, and by playing games with violence, inappropriate language and scenes, these aspects become natural for us. And the biggest problem is the time you put in a game. By playing to much violent games, you are obviously more aggressive in life and are also more likely to see your grades drop down.

With all that said, I think that the issue isn’t what you play. It is how you play. By moderating your time of play, and keeping some for studies and social life, video game will not harm you. And I think parents have also a role to play. They should be the ones who restrict their child of playing when they see that he is becoming too much addicted. It is easy to fall in the trap of video games. Saying you will play only one hour today, and finally spending the rest of your evening on this. If you are capable of establishing your priorities in the right place, and by this I mean not video games at the top of the list, video games will not harm you.

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As a video game lover, I like to see people write about the associated positives on their behalf. I too have read elsewhere that gamers tend to develop quick decision making and multitasking skills. As a consequentialist, one would have to look into what he/she values only to find that there is good and bad in video games, especially at a young age. That is why I liked this post very much; you described very well how someone should moderate video game usage with other things in life.

There are definitely positives and negatives to this argument, and as most things depends on the user as you stated in the article. I agree that video games can have negative impacts, majorly on the young consumers who are more prone to influence. By constantly playing video games they may begin to merge their real life values with those which they prioritize while they play the game. In my opinion this is one of the causes for aggressive behavior of gamers. With new values they will change their decision making process without realizing. In the domain of video games, a deontological point of view ceases to exist; guns are okay, killing is encouraged and theft is required. This may be another reason that influences the tendencies of users.
Very good article, I enjoyed reading it.