Vicious hits that cost a lot

by mike_parent on September 11, 2013 - 12:02pm

During the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions a low block was made during the game. Sure the action does not sound that big of a deal but in fact it is. After an interception followed by a touchdown from one of his teammate DeAndre Leavy, Ndmaukong Suh blocked a lineman from the other team in the knees*. The touchdown was nullified after a flag was thrown towards Suh for a personal foul illegal block that cost his team 15 yards a part of the call back on the touchdown. Not only the play cost him 15 yards but also $100 000. It is not the first time that this amazing defensive lineman did a stupid move like that. In 2011, after being blocked by a Green Bay Packers’ player Ndmaukong Suh stomped the player while this one was on the ground and this move cost him a 2 games suspension.


Does the NFL did the right thing by making the player pay financially? By doing some vicious plays like that one, players can end their career following an injury that happened during the hit. For my part, I think that is a really good way to punish players that are doing that kind of play on another player because it not only affects his game, for instance a 15 yards penalty or a game misconduct, but  also his personal life. I hope that those kind of action to protect the players can affect players before they think to do such plays.


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