Time is money

by alexandragagne2 on September 18, 2013 - 6:52pm

Who knew that a quote from the 18th century will be the best way to represent the 21st century world? Benjamin Franklin knew it. He’s the one behind the famous quote: "Time is money". This quote is so popular that his inspires news ideas and even new technological invention.

We could think that Canada post has been inspired by it. The enterprise has started a stereotype project in the area of Toronto. Canada post is teaming with Wal-Mart Canada Corp., Best Buy Canada Ltd., and Indigo Books & Music Inc. to build this new pilot project which is same-day delivery for online buyers. That new service also means that clients have restrictions. To be eligible for the same-day delivery consumers need to do their order before a certain time in the day. For example the cut-off times for ordering and seeing a package delivered the same day range from 11 a.m. at Best Buy to 12.30 p.m. at Indigo. Canada Post is promising delivery by 9 p.m.

Free or we need to pay. Nothing’s free as we all know. The only retailer that offers the free same-day delivery is Wal-Mart. All the others companies are charging 13.95 for the service and this can vary according to the weight of the package.

They are going to evaluate this new service in the first three months of 2014 and if their idea his working the want to expend the service to other market. So do you think it’s going to work? Personally I think so.

People are running everywhere to do all their stuff in 24 hours, it’s seems that the amount of time we got in a day is not enough. So if they can save time with this service, why people wouldn’t like it? The society has come to a point that people don’t mind if it’s free or not... time is money.



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