Texting, Driving and Killing

by cynthiachu on October 2, 2013 - 11:01pm


Electronic devices have taken a lot of place in people’s life nowadays. In fact, we actually live in a world where it is barely impossible for one not to use any in even a day. Whether it is to talk to a friend, to contact a teacher or to check e-mails, we are now confined in an era where gadgets are thought to be essential to daily operations. However, this dependence can be harmful to a point where it distracts you from more important thing, such as driving. I felt the need to write about this article because I am starting to drive, and the distraction caused by texting can affect everyone on the road.

In this article, the journalist reports an accident that happened in New Jersey, in the United States. It was because a teenager named Kyle Best who was texting and driving at the same time and thereafter hit the Kubert family’s car. Both passengers in the car that got hit have lost their legs.

We can see that texting while driving can imply not only the one who is texting but everyone around too. I wanted to write about this major issue that is starting to become more frequent nowadays because everyone can be affected by this problem and sadly pay for the fault of one. In fact, texting while driving does not only imply the driver, but also the passengers, the pedestrians, the cyclists, −everyone!

There are some valuable reasons why 39 states in the United States have outlaw drivers to text while they are on the road. One of them is surely because of the increase of accidents the combination of driving and texting can cause. In fact, on an average, out of more than 6 million car accidents that happen in a year (stated by Lawcore), 1,600,000 of them are caused by the distraction of the drivers while they are texting, according to National Safety Council.

What people do not understand is that cellphones can be a great distraction to the driver and can take away the attention off the road for few seconds. But one should know that while drivers are texting, they take about 5 seconds −minimum− not looking at the road, and this is enough time for the car to travel the length of a football field in a highway (according to the University of Washington) and, therefore, enough time to make an accident.

Hence, I think that people should not send text messages while they are driving because it can harm many people, it is forbidden in many places and it can be a source of distraction.


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