Teenagers, Suicide Should Not Be a Solution!

by cynthiachu on October 23, 2013 - 8:39pm


Everybody has their own ways to occupy or to amuse themselves. Sadly, some people tend to find joy by intimidating or making laugh of other people in order to increase their own self-confidence. However, this can create severe damages to the victims, such as depression and even suicide. What pushed me to read furthermore about this article is that the title suggests that suicide has becoming a trend for teenagers who suffer from bullying.

In this article, it shares the stories of normal teenagers who had experienced intense bullying during their passage in high school and who ended committing suicide because they considered death as only solution to their situation. Following these unfortunate acts, measures have been implemented in order to respond to these tragedies. For instance, after the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons who committed suicide in 2011, Nova Scotia created a provincial cyber bullying investigative unit and the Cyber-Safety Act to give the possibility to the victims to sue their bullies.

However, I think the governement should not wait until a suicide occurs to respond to this problematic. They rather should take the responsibilities to prevent bullying instead of focusing their intervention after the harm was done. In fact, I wanted to write about this story because suicide is not a topic to take lightly. I think that people nowadays should be more conscious of the impacts bullying has on the victims because, even though some people tend to take bullying as a joke, intense bullying often leads to suicide. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, bullying is listed as the third leading cause of death among young people. In fact, 4,400 suicides caused by bullying and about 100 times more attempts occur each year in United States.

Bullying is an awful habit that, whether it is through physical, verbal or cyber, bullying, in any forms, can lead to horrible consequences on the mental and the life of bullied people. If it does not end with death, the victims will still struggle every single day of their life because of it. According to StopBullying, bullying can inflict the victims with negative physical, scholar and mental health issues. For example, it can create to children depression, anxiety, abundant feelings of sadness and loneliness, sleep and eating disorders, and loss of interest in every domain they undertake.

All in all, we should do something against bullying in order to prevent it and prevent people from suffering this pain instead of only trying to treat the damages occurred by bullying.





During one’s teenage years, one can face loneliness, moments of deep sadness or anger that can lead to the desire to end one’s life. Teenagers have impulsive reactions and do not always evaluate the pros and cons of their decisions. However, this kind of decision has no turning back. This is why there are many organizations that exist to prevent or even stop a teenager to commit suicide. Suicide is one of the most common sources of death in teenagers nowadays. Therefore, it is the job of the entourage of a person to make sure that this person is ok. Anyone can face this kind of crisis which is why communication is key.
In this article, the Canadian Mental Health Organization talks about how to prevent suicide at a teen age. They encourage people to talk about their issues and tell the entourage think that one is trying to commit suicide, to call 9-1-1 right away.
As you can see, there are many solutions to the issue that is suicide. And do not forget; communication is very important!

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