Technology in Healthcare

by Maudeb on October 23, 2013 - 10:23pm

This article caught my attention because technology in healthcare is something important to cure some disease. With this evolution we can save people’s life or we can extend their life.

In this article,, the author mentions 5 ways technology is transforming health care. The first one is that the computer “Watson” helps doctor having access to the patient history and to medical research, and to analyze treatment options. The second one is an application created for people working in health care to be able to ask or speak to patient. This application is named Omnifluent Health. The third one is a social networking allowing doctors to communicate together for the good of their patient. It is named Doximity. The forth one is a medical advice offering patient medical consultations online. The last one is a large number of mobile application that help people to stay active for their wellbeing.

In my opinion, all those ways are good ideas providing assistance to doctors and patients. I think that they are helping doctors to increase the ease to take care of sick people. So at this time, the technology in health care is an indispensable tool in our society.


I found the article very interesting. It's great to see how technology can be so useful in our life and can go beyond the point of simple needs. The fact that the technology is much more advanced make the world more easy, even if sometimes it does the opposite. Yes we can think about the lack of privacy we have with all the social networks, the bullying done by internet and all other stuff that are done because of technology. Despite all this bad stuff, we should focus on the positive effect of it, as you said. There is way more good side from technology then there is bad, but again, this is an self opinion and people may think otherwise. As this article says(, these are five positives effect of technology in education. So if we can find so many positive effect in a short laps of time I think it's a good sign.

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