Tebow time… not anymore

by mike_parent on September 4, 2013 - 12:03pm

Former Florida Gators Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, was released from the New England Patriots last week. After failing to impress the coaching staff has a back up to Tom Brady, Tim Tebow had to leave his teammates. During the NFL preseason activities, the 26 years old did not have impressing numbers with 11 completed passes in 36 thrown and 2 interceptions in 3 games. Tebow’s dream to becoming a NFL starting quarterback is starting to disappear.


None of the NFL teams seem to show interest in him anymore, and that could be devastating for his career in the big league but could we see him in another league in the next couple of seasons or so? A lot of rumors on Tebow in the Canadian Football League are popping in the media, but does he really want to play in the CFL? Even though the Montreal Alouettes hold is Rights in the CFL, the player and his agent have never been in contact with the team General Manager Jim Popp or anybody else from the Als.

 Despite the fact that his Rights to play in the Canadian League are in Montreal, I don’t think that this kind of player would be willing to give up on a possible NFL career yet. Sure I would love to see Tim Tebow as a Montreal Alouettes but I doubt it a lot. If he does not get in contact with a Canadian team, I think that he will be a NFL has been for the rest of his football life. Who knows, he might change his mind during the 2013 season if he is still without a job at the end of it.


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