Is Tanning Really Safe And Benefit For Your Body?

by ariane.r on September 19, 2013 - 6:17am

I have heard sometimes that tanning was good for our body; it would bring more vitamin D and has a mental effect. But what could be the price?

Some people will say that it has no effect on the body if you are going moderately and some will say that it has terrible effect, it just that we don’t see it already. Almost all doctors are according to say that it was the worst thing you can do to increase your risks of developing skin cancer. Dr. Vincent Ho says “The damage from UV rays typically takes 20 to 30 years to show up on the surface of our skin, so people often get a false sense of security”. Thus, we would feel totally good and beautiful with your colored skin for maybe 20 years, but you will probably end up with one of the three types of skin cancer. Kate Neale, 21, is a very good example of what young girls are doing without any caution. Since she has graded from high school, Kate goes at the salon few times a week except for the month of her prom. She went for 18 sessions of 18 minutes each in the most high-tech machines which recommended a 12 minutes max. Three years later, she noticed a darker mole on her belly. It was itchy and peeling. Her dermatologic analyze it then call her after two weeks to announce her she had melanoma cancer at 21.

I thought it was the kind of stories we heard often and we just don’t pay attention. I feel sorry for her, but it was her fault. She was advised by her mom who was a nurse and she just keep going. We should really do some research before exposing our skin to dangerous UV radiation. She was on society’s influence… it was cool to tan, but is it cool to have skin cancer at 21?


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