Stolen phones

by alexandragagne2 on October 2, 2013 - 3:04pm

Let’s say you’re in line to buy a coffee and the person in front of you lose five dollars. It’s on the ground, you take it, many people will give it to the person but many will keep it. It’s the same case for cellphone. Yes, the value is bigger, but it’s the same situation.

If you find a phone on the street you can’t return it to the lost and found, so you keep it or try to sell it. To stop the movement of stolen phones, Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association had an idea. Since Monday, all member of the association start checking whether a device is blacklisted on an international database of lost and stolen devices before activating it. This also mean that if a customer report to his company that his phone has been stole, the company will report it on the database. The database will eventually be connected to U.S, U.K and other developed countries.

The association also established a new web site ( This web site provides information about your stolen or lost phone. By entering the IMEI of the phone, you found whether or not if it has been blacklisted.

It’s a great idea. It will provides security to consumers about their data when they lose their phones. With this idea smartphones will be a less valuable target for criminals and most of the people will have no other choice to report the phone to any company.

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