Sport and grades

by andree-anne talbot on October 30, 2013 - 11:56pm



At first, I thought the article was speaking of the benefits of team sports only but at the end, I noticed they kind of forgot what the title is because it didn’t mentioned that much about “teams”. What I mean is that the article start by explaining how and why team sports increased grades in school. It also says that kids who plays in sports team for about two hours a week will be more likely to attend higher education because of all the determination and focus sports takes. I agree with this, it can help, but I still think it can’t work for everybody. Maybe it can maintain the effort kids make to succeed, but I don’t believe good grades are related only to sport. I can remember some sportive kids failing weekly tests and exams! Also, while reading this, I asked myself “ What about individual sports like artistic ice skating, running, cycling, tennis, swimming etc..?” I noticed that at the end of the article, it doesn’t mention about if it is team sports or individual sports or both… But in my opinion, individual sports should be as good as team sports. The article says team sports also provide more social relationships because they have to interact with others and children find it easier to make friends. Personally, I think that individual sports can also provide a lot of new friendships because even if though these kids are not “playing” together, they can still talk to each other at the practices and when they meet new people and discover they are practicing the same sport they can have interesting conversations about it.


At one point, this article was really good and interesting, but at another, some details and extra information or theories were missing.