by andree-anne talbot on August 28, 2013 - 10:17pm


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one asking myself “Do I make a difference in this world?” and “How do I make a difference?” Sometimes I tell myself that we all make a difference in our own way. The thing is, sometimes it cant be a great change, but obviously, sometimes changes can be bad… But now let’s talk about the great changes. Making a difference can be as easy as helping an old man carrying is grocery bags, giving someone the best advices you have or doing volunteering.

Surfing on the Internet, I found this website giving tons of ideas to make a change: So I really suggest to everyone wondering how to make a change to go check that out. I didn’t know that simple things like that could change something. Well, there were some of these ideas that I already knew it could make a difference, but I found out that there were a lot more to do. For example reading a story to kids, or sharing your talent to others. The last one sounds a little bit weird, but actually, after a quick reflection, I think sharing our talent to others can be inspiring for them. What could be more important then hope, honestly?

I also watched a sequence from a Taylor Mali show and he was explaining how teachers can make a difference. That was truly inspiring (and a little bit funny as well!), so I also highly recommend to watch this. I assume his performance is exaggerated but it is hiding a true revelation in it, that’s why I really like it. What he is revealing is almost shocking because of the realism it holds.

Here is the link:


No, you are not the only one to ask yourself “Do I make a difference in this world?” because I have ask myself this question many times before. Your article makes me realize the fact that every little actions we do for others make a change in the world. It is not a big change but if we all try to make a small difference, we can really transform the world. I loved how you explained that it is easy to change the world if we care about others. Holding the door to an old man or letting your place to a pregnant woman in the bus will not hurt you. It will only make you feel good. According to an article I read, helping others will increase your degree of happiness and can reduce your level of stress. Therefore, making a difference by helping others is not only good for them but also for us.

Here is the article: "How Helping Others Can Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness"