Should NCAA be paid?

by mike_parent on September 25, 2013 - 12:15pm

Players from around the NCAA (football) are starting to put some pressure on the league for having a salary. It is illegal to give any type of monetary advantages to college players. Couple of NFL players were caught being “paid” by sponsors or any other business people. The NCAA rules that a collegiate athlete do no need more than $2 500 to live a good college life. Often big schools give scholarships to prospect players but if the player hurts himself during the season and the injury pull the player out the game for a year or so the scholarship is taken away and the player have to pay for the school and medical fees.  

Football teams from division 1 brings a lot of money to their school whether it’s by broadcasting the game on national TV or by sponsors within the stadium also with their video game, the NCAA franchise (EA sports did not renew the contract with the NCAA for the production of other games because of the fact that players do not make anything from the game).  

In my opinion, players should not be paid but the school should not be allowed to take the scholarships back even if the player injures himself for an X amount of time. I also think that, even if players should not be paid, they should be allowed to be sponsored by other companies then the one on the campus, for instance Oregon university is sponsored by Nike.




There is a link that show which team that worth the most by players:

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