Same-Sex Marriage On Its Way To Freedom

by cynthiachu on August 28, 2013 - 11:24pm


Throughout the years, there had been a lot of debates surrounding all types of inequalities. For instance, in the province of Quebec, it is only in 1944 that women were allowed to vote and, therefore, obtained a juridical status as high as men. However, that does not keep women from suffering injustice. What is more shocking is to know that the level of freedom same-sex couples or simple homosexuals have today can be compared to that of women back in these days where they were told whom to marry.

In this article, it talks about the declaration of the legalization of same-sex marriage that has been made in the state of New Mexico in United States. It was a shock for everyone after the news has been announced.  In fact, a lot of people react very strongly towards the judge’s decision: joy from the concerned and interested party (same-sex couples)… and opposition from others.

The main reason why I am posting about this story is because it is much frustrating how human beings can think. We were all born on the same planet as equal. I do not understand how people could question the fact that gay marriage is not recognized as legal in some states. I mean, if people do not agree with same-sex marriage, they just need to ignore it. I don’t understand how could two individuals of the same gender getting married can do harm to others.

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