Repopulating a Deserted Area

by filip_bec on October 23, 2013 - 11:30pm

Your city is destroyed. Only rocks and ashes are left. Would you still settle down and start over? Maybe a few of us, the majority would never come back again. Surprisingly, vegetation and animals will happily take over the place. That’s exactly what happened at Mount St Helens…

33 years ago, the deadliest volcano of America erupted in Washington State. The blast wiped out 600 square kilometers of forest. On top of that, pumice and gases killed every existing form of life on its way down the volcano, at a temperature of 5240. Finally, mudflows and ash falls summed this tragedy, which killed 57 people. Obviously, this is pretty bad. But there is light in every dark place. Life started coming back very slowly. The rocky surface the Mount St Helens used to have is now covered with vegetation and animals. Biologists even found ants and gophers living underground. As you are reading this, 10 million trees are present on the devastated area, as well as 1750 elk. These numbers are almost the same before Mount St Helens erupted.

After reading this article, I understood that nothing is completely lost. This event is a living proof animals and vegetation adapt to their environment. If they could adapt to a habitat covered with rocks, I am pretty sure we can too. We have the same instincts as animals, meaning we have the feature of adapting ourselves to our environment. And this is how technology came. Humans had a need, and we invented something to meet this need. Another example is recycling. We had a problem of environmental issues, so we started doing actions that we didn’t do before to prevent the issue. About the article, it was very well presented. The conclusion and premises were present and organized. The conclusion was that vegetation and animals repopulated a deserted area. The premises are that biologists found underground living, trees started growing back, and animals such as elks and birds came back in the environment.

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