Racism is still around…

by filip_bec on September 18, 2013 - 11:56pm

Did you know that racism still exists? If you didn’t, you should open your eyes. Racism is in every aspect of life, such as at work, at school, and even in public. I should say especially in public, after I watched this shocking video: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/09/17/anti-muslim-montreal-bus_n_3941269.html


In the video, you see how racist can one be towards a Muslim woman. For ten minutes, he told her obscenities such as “Remove your headscarf or go back to your country”, and “It’s our home, and with Marois, we will take off your hat away”.  He started also talking about how all the wars are in Muslim countries, and that the woman should return there, if she doesn’t like it here. Unfortunately, when the woman started defending herself and replying, the man said casually walked down the bus. All this time, people were in this bus, but didn’t say a word.

It was such a pain to watch this video, because the man in question was not only racist, but ignorant and very closed-minded. Using some generalization such as “All countries where war is are Muslim” just made his argument invalid. You say you want a better society? Well, it’s not by establishing the Charter of Values, Mrs. Marois, that you will get this “better society”. It is by eliminating racism and discrimination. This woman that is showing her religion isn’t a poor worker, or a bad student. She probably is working harder than most of us, because she knows how life is difficult. And this man, who believes that this is his home, knows nothing about life. People of his kind should see further than their nose, and start to realize that immigrants are doing the hard labor, and they should respect them, not trash talk them.