Putin, playing both sides?

by m-a.soucisse on September 11, 2013 - 11:56pm

Russian president Vladimir Putin as proven to be one special leader for Russia.  He's been at the origin of some very strange, two-faced statements.  He as done it yet again after Barrack Obama's plan to make a preventive attack on Syria.  

Putin telecommuted a message to the American people that the preventive attack on Syria is a terrible idea.  Putin mentions how the U.S is constantly in and out of war and that similar scenarios have occured in the past.  I will admit that the attacks made by George W. Bush on Irak were very suspicious and that the ex-president might had other reasons to invade Irak.  Same to be said with Obama's plan for Syria, but the motives for this attack are not what I want to focus on.  What I want to take a closer look at is how ironic Putin is being when he takes a jab at countries in war every single time he gets the opportunity to do so.

If we where the most gullible people in the world, we could easily believe that Putin is just another peace-maker in a world at war.  But we are not all that gullible.  Let's face it the man as forced his power over all of Russia for many years now.  He as killed political opponents to win campaign, oppressed his people, shoved beliefs down their throats and as used violence as a way to enforce his views.  He is the closest thing to a dictatorship and he wants to tell other countries that violence is bad. That the preventive attack would be an act of agression, this from the man who as been using violence as a tool.  Pictures of tanks in Moscow can be shown on the Internet while people are just walking by.  He is clearly hypocritical and two-faced when he makes such statements.  It's as if Miley Cyrus would preach us about our manners (let's face it she as been kind of intense recently).  Putin should sit back and say nothing rather then making such superficial statements about peace, when in reality, he sees it in a whole other way.  This man as definitly beeen playing both sides for years and it as to stop now.



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