Private or public school

by alexandragagne2 on September 11, 2013 - 7:08pm

Many parents find it hard when it come to make a choice about this. Their kids passes from elementary school to secondary school and they don’t know what’s better for them. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages.

Most of the parents think that it’s way better to send their child to a private school, but why? Private school have benefits, like the chance to have more budget because parents pay for private school but public school is free, so they have less money for activities, free tutoring etc. Another point that can influence the decision is that usually private institution have smaller classes than public one. So this provides more one on one time with each students. Students are also better supported through the year because of this.

All of this advantages not means that public school is a bad choice. The first big difference, public institution are free. Many parents like this aspect, but they still choose the private one. This choice is often related to lack of supervision in public schools. You just have to trust your child. If you trust him he will have more confidence. And it’s not because you send him to a public school that he’s going to become a bad person, you may laugh, but parent often thinks this way.

This just mean that even if you chose the private or the public school you need to have faith in your child. The decision have to be fair for him. For example, if he likes a sport and it’s his passion, you can look for a program conciliating his sports and studies. Be sure that he love the school you send him to, it’s the most important.

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