Privacy? A really good joke

by laleskamichelle on August 28, 2013 - 7:23pm


It is very obvious that Facebook is not the better place to political activism or to hide top secrets from the government. But just because something is easy to get, it is right to get it?

Canadian government has been a very conservative state regarding the privacy of its citizens, but it is slowly changing. It is relatively easy take advantage from such a popular social network as Facebook to find undesired people’s information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! There are so many possible sources from the government.

These ways of communication are judge as the worst happened to society by government in crisis, as the Turkey government this year, who ask for personal information from protesters and political activist.

If you think you have nothing to hide in your personal profile on the several social networks existing, better be sure of it because this information can be taken.


I agree with the fact that privacy is a joke. Like you already said your information’s on social network like Facebook are not protected and can be viewed by Facebook leaders. Even if you are logged out, Facebook leaders may observe all Facebook users.

After criticism of users on web privacy, Facebook learn by a blogger that when you logged off, cookies were still on your computer and with that information we can see browsing history. This situation proves that Facebook have a serious privacy issue. Facebook solved partly the problem when you are logged out but when you are logged in cookies still send information unless you delete them by your own.

Our government really need to establish a more restrictive policy related to social network privacy. I only talk about one social networking but Facebook is one example among many others with privacy issues.

I totally agree with you. Facebook is not the place where you can keep all your information for yourself. EVERYTHING is exposed to the police and even the government as you said. But sadly, not only Facebook gives up information on you. You can read this article. It talks about who cell phones are also giving up all your personal information. Did you know that the cell phone companies have access to everything in your phone? It creeps me out to know that we cannot trust even our cell phone. The companies can even track you down, with the built-in GPS! And this is just the beginning…