Premature Birth = Long Term Risks.

by PedgeRuest on October 30, 2013 - 12:11pm

Based on the researched taken out by Imperial College London, the experiment of 48 volunteers, 23 born prematurely and 25 born at full term all aged from 18-27, found that premature birth of children causes problems that lead further into the child’s adulthood.

As many may already know, after the birth of premature babies, their monitoring continues throughout their childhood because their bodies did not quite finishing developing. However, this study shows that it may be a good precaution to keep the monitoring of this individual even through their adulthood because tests show that premature birth causes health risks on the long run as for example high blood pressure, more fat tissue, more fat in their muscles and liver which all link to heart and circulatory diseases and type 2 diabetes. These tests are compared to the tests of individuals who are born after a full term pregnancy which show better results. In conclusion to this article, it states that preterm men and women are in greater risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, however, if they keep being monitored these problems can be avoided because of the interventions and treatments that will be taken before anything becomes more pronounced and a real risk to their health.

In my opinion, this article gives relevant information from relevant sources, however once the test results from the premature individuals are given, they are not compared to any examples of those who are born after a full term pregnancy, which would have been good to create a better comprehension of the situation that is occurring. However, even though this is missing, I believe that these individuals should take these precautions because the health of an individual is not something to take lightly. Besides, it never hurts to get a check up and be told that you are in perfect health.

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