Possible career ending blow to the head

by mike_parent on October 30, 2013 - 11:23am

During the week 7 of activities in the National Football League, Jermichael Finley took a severe hit to the head after catching the football in the middle of the field at the Lambeau field. The injury resulted to be a spinal contusion and the Packers’ Tight End have been released from the hospital last Thursday. His career was in danger until he was out of the hospital, even if he returns to the field, he would be preferable form him to get a surgery to avoid any further complication.

The player who did the hit was Tashaun Gibson, the safety from the Cleveland Browns. After the play was done he was called for a 15 yards penalty for unnecessary roughness charging with the head. Nothing appears to be an illegal hit though, the Browns’ player won’t have to pay a fee for that hit on Finley. A part of that, Jermichael still waits opinion from specialists to see whether he will be back on the field or not.

I think that the player who did cause the injury should be suspended for at least a week of activity and pay a fee, if not what is the point to add rules to the game for the players’ safety if they don’t apply them on the field? I think that the NFL is trying to take a step forward but with things like that happening almost every week, the commissioner should put more attention on those kind of stories.



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