Politician: Smoking Weed?

by Meli.caron007 on September 11, 2013 - 6:07pm

Politicians have been talking about other Politian group since forever. They always try to tear down their opposition. But as a matter of fact, we never hear them talking about their own projects and point of view about critical subject.

The articles are now talking and focusing on the point that some politician might have taken some illegal drugs. Like marijuana, in the case of Justin Trudeau. With all of the sudden, all the politicians beg for explanations. And now, Trudeau does not have any choice than to explain when, what and where he had taken a joint. We now know that Trudeau has already been in contact with illegal drugs. But is this really important? I mean, do we need to take in consideration this misconduct for the elections?

It is ,in my sense, the lowest crime possible for a politician. He did not make any tax haven or did some corruption. Furthermore, we keep talking about these politicians that fraud the government, but they never really had punishment. He only took a joint and not even in the context of his job! It is sure that it still stays a crime, but I think that the social opinion should be more focusing on those who took advantage of their positions and abused of it.



I agree with you, almost everybody has smoked weed once in his life and it isn’t like this is the worst crime ever. Some places in the world have already legalized pot, so we all know this is not that bad! Maybe if Trudeau wanted to become an actor he would have become an actor without all the medias talking about him smoking weed. We would all let him reach his goal, his "dream job", so why wouldn't we let him reach his "dream job", which is probably to become prime minister of Canada? It's like saying that a dentist who once forgot passing dental floss in is mouth is a bad dentist. This can happen to everyone once in while, it doesn’t matter that much, unless he treats your teeth well!

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