Police violence

by alexandragagne2 on September 4, 2013 - 10:32pm

Police Violence


I'm sure that everybody has already heard of police violence. We see it everywhere. For example: the student strike of 2012, this article situation and far beyond. We often say to ourselves: ahhhhh! Police officers have all rights to do this and that, why they always drive faster than us on the highway? And we have plenty more thoughts about them.

Personally I don’t see how they appropriate themselves rights that we don’t have, like free violence. First of all, they’re policeman, they should show us the example and not the opposite. When I think about the way that they can treat people, to me is awful. In some situation thy can almost have all the right to do what they want. It’s also sad because many director of the police department, or whoever in charge of that, don’t know everything about their employees. And situation like that shows us that there is more than one bad officer.

This is an unfair situation. Policeman should be aware of what they do, and be conscious that they are not God. Yes, I agree that in some situation they are forced to use violence but in many other cases I believe there is a better way to act against the citizen.

This is important to me because police service is there to provide us security and we should not be afraid of them. But yes, we can still confirm that there is some excellent police officer out there ready to do favour to citizen.




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