Origins of classical ballet

by gabizawa on August 28, 2013 - 10:03pm



No one except ballet dancers know about what ballet is. Which muscles they use how they can transmit emotions by dancing if you’ve never dance you don’t know about nothing except the beauty of it. The majority of the people stereotype the classical ballet. In this article you’ll learn about what ballet is really and the origins of it.

Russia was knowing as an important place where the ballet has been developed. Every one who danced ballet know that the russian are the best in this discipline they were the leader of ballet in the 18th century and they still are today. In the 18th century, students of Russian schools were already recommended. A woman who increased ballet was Marius Petipa, a ballet master, she was teaching the ballet, as we knew the romantic and the French one. When people come to see a ballet, it was grandiose the ballerinas on their point shoes the story was just to relate the dances together. The stories that the ballet presents are still the same even after years for example the nutcracker who’s coming back at Christmas time each year.

I found this article enjoyable because I know about ballet. In fact, for someone who’s not interested at all by ballet it would have been a little bit more boring but I wrote about that to promote this beautiful art. Before judging something you must ask you if you know about it if not how can you judge it?

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