Music and Training

by amelie_durocher on September 25, 2013 - 12:14pm

Does the music has a real impact of our training? Do we modify our effort to match with the music tempo? Yes we are. That’s why Nike and Apple have created Nike + Ipod, to enable us to listen to our favorite music while training and meanwhile increasing our performance.

A study has been done by a sport psychologist at Britain’s Brunel University to understand the link between moving and grooving. Training while listening to music increase of 15 percent your concentration during the effort, because you are more motivated to follow a tempo and the music modifies your perception of fatigue symptoms.

I think training while listening to music is a good thing to increase your performance but also to stay focus on your exercise. A lot of runners during marathons listen to music who maintains the same tempo to keep their running speed appropriated to the distance. Our hearts adjust his pace to the song we are listening to. The study has shown that increasing the speed of a song has created a faster cadence than when they decrease the speed. I found this really interesting because musical taste is something really personal so while you are training you can listen to your own song it has an impact on your personal performance. Trying to train on different type of music could be a great exercise to see how it affects our motivation. The source of this article is the study done by the sport psychologist at the University so it’s a reliable source and we can also find the result of her study in the article. The arguments are good but they look like a series of facts because it’s based on the results of the study. In general this article provide good information.

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