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by amelie_durocher on August 28, 2013 - 2:46pm

Happiness. It’s an easy word but actually how many people can say that they are happy. In our society happiness is qualified as something material. It’s the concept of the American Dream, if you own a big house (with a pool it’s even better), a nice car and a dog. There’s something that people can do to be happy.

A study shows that the happy people decrease their chance to die from a heart attack just by having some healthy habits. They also reduce their stress level and improve their sleeping. Those habits are good for your body and for your mind because they make you feel well. By having a positive attitude, your body will release some hormones that will make you feel good. Smiling at a stranger, writing something good that happen to you every day or just walking for 15 minutes are examples of the habits.

Personally, I think it's not tough to be happy, you just need a little bit of motivation. Everybody is able to smile at someone and doing a little thing like that every day is going to improve your moral because you will feel important.  Being happy isn’t only good for you; it’s also good for the people who are hanging out with you. If you are happy, they will be happy too. Have you ever experienced passing a lot of time with someone who’s depressed? You started to feel depressed too. Happiness is contagious and one habit can change our moral. We should all try to adopt a healthy habit.


I agree at 100%! In our society, people are overthinking. They though they can't be happy because they don't have Angelina Jolie’s house or Victoria Beckham’s husband. But what they do not understand is that being happy is not so complicated. Happiness is in the simple things you are doing every day.

For example, when all your family is sitting at the table and you have a great dinner, when you receive morning’s text or morning’s kisses (even better). Happiness should be a personal concept because if we ask people all over the Earth what will be their definition of happiness, we will realize there will be a lot of different answers. A good example of what I just said it’s the new Coke’s publicity that shows different countries and we saw all the little things that could make people happy. You must see it: .

To finish, maybe we search too much about what happiness is about. Maybe we should let ourselves find it. Maybe we should just enjoy our passion, the people that used to be our friends and our family and maybe we should put a little bit of love in everything we do.

I am totally agree with you! In our days, people are materialistic, they get happy because of a new fancy car, or by buying an expensive branded pair of shoes. What is funny about that attitude is that they reject their new fancy thing after a year. And then they feel the need to get the model of the year new car! When I say the ‘need’, I mean it because they feel happy when they get their new object.
But real happiness starts from inside, by having positive attitude, good moral and ethics. I also believe that happiness is contagious. It spreads many attitudes like sharing, loving and helping.
Happiness is extremely important, because living in the world where we are today without having a positive attitude is impossible. Imagine always entering a place and saying ‘hi’ to every one with a smile, and then you receive blank faces…Any way, it is just unbearable!
As a solution, we can try to work out in purpose to get a new active and positive attitude. I suggest you to read my article titled ‘Use your body or lose it!’

I completely agree with you! In today's society people are materialistic, as they think a new car, or phone, or house will bring them true happiness. However we don't have to go far to be happy! True happiness comes from within us! It comes from having a positive attitude, a pure heart, self-esteem, love, laughter, inner joy and peace. The feeling of happiness that comes from materialistic things such as shopping, are temporary, that is why we tend to feel the need to go buy something else. However, true happiness that comes from within isn't temporary but rather permanent because it doesn't depend on anything, but rather on your inner-self.

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