Miley's scandal, long time to forget

by gabizawa on September 18, 2013 - 9:35pm


The famous Hannah Montana, the idol of all little girls isn’t the same signer anymore. She wanted to erase this image of a teenager and she did it more than expected. With her video clip of We Can’t Stop she has just began on her anti-hannahmontana. After, she did an inappropriate performance at the Video Music Awards, who isn’t ready to be forgoten. We will see why. in the present article.


The Video Music Awards (VMA) is a big media event. We see a lot of post on internet, news on TV and on all social networks. The most talked performance. was Miley’s one. Everyone was talking about Miley and how she did on stage. She was on most web's discussions and she was at the top of headlines. For Kathleen Parker, an opinion writer, the critiques were similar, we don't want our child to see this and it was riduculous the way she acted on stage. Even MTV thought that her performance was over the top, not in the good top. 300 000 tweets per minute have been posted during the event. Many posted their reactions. they thought that Miley was offensive and outrageous. Signer and others who performed at this event  totally agreed her opinion. If you want to see their comments, the link of this article is at the bottom of the page.


I think that Miss Katheen Parker's opinion,  defines really well the general opinion about Miley. We can't trust what is saying on this article because the person who wrote it.à, was an opinion writer. She was not an expert. There is also the fact that it's wirtten on a more business newspapers, so not on reliable sources. She said that during that night 300 000 tweets were posted by minute but we don't know where she took her informations. That's why I think it's a weak article.



Hannah Montana first aired seven years ago, Miley Cyrus was only 13 years old. Many child stars are often criticized for their adult decisions. Especially Disney stars; they are often seen as role models. However all children must grow up. Yes, Miley’s performance at the VMA’s was a little over the top but so was Lady GaGa’s. I feel just like many other ex-Disney child stars, Miley is just trying to “break away” from being seen as a little girl, in her case Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus received much more criticism that night than any other celebrity. In my opinion celebrities aren’t real role models. Celebrities are other humans who make mistakes. When parents allow their children to idolize a single celebrity or group trouble is just going to ensue.

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