Less problem with technology

by alexandragagne2 on September 25, 2013 - 4:26pm

In the last few years technology proved us that it can do absolutely almost everything we want. It’s always moving forwards, it never stops. We can do so many things with it that we can’t live without it anymore.

E-readers, devices that contains electronic books, are still considered new on the market and they have a big popularity. Consumers like it because it provides a better reading and you can bring many books with you instead of a big one that it’s heavy.

It also have benefit on health. The e-readers have the option to display only a few words per line and you can also change the brightness of the screen. These option allows dyslexia people to read more easily, and the comprehension of the content is better. As the article shows, the use of short lines improves the efficiency of eye movements in dyslexic students.

With this, people with learnings problems want to learn and don’t feel inferior. So technology can be positive for everyone, on any subject.


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