It's exaggerated

by amelie_durocher on September 11, 2013 - 11:49am

Apple has announced Tuesday that the next iPhone will be available in a lot of colors but the most incredible thing on this new version is the introduction of the fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID. You will now have to scan your finger to unlock it and also to see if you’re the real owner of the phone.

Apple decided to introduce the Touch ID function to increase the security level of  your phone and to avoid the hacking. It’s also a good thing if you’re the type of people who forget their password. They also said that acquiring biometric technology is a proof of how our technology is advancing and we should be proud of that.

I think it’s exaggerated. Do we really need to have a phone that scan our fingerprint to unlock it? No, we can deal with the 4 number password that we had before. My question is more about what is going to happen with our fingerprint? We know, that everything that is on our phone, is not confidential and that our phone company owns all of these “secret information”. What about our fingerprint? You want to increase the security of your phone, but by giving your fingerprint to whoever that will be in charge of this system, you reduce your own security. I think it’s really exaggerated if you want to keep some private information don’t put them in your cellphone. I know it’s a big step for technology but there’s some limits that we need to respect for our lives.


I know that biometric technology is very exciting for the technology and all, but I believe what you are saying about the facts that everything that is on your cellphone is shared by our companies. A major fact as already been proved: the police department or the companies can know where you are whenever they want. That’s what our world look like. A whole bunch of information that if they are all assembled together creates Facebook. I think that the major problem of one’s is not thinking about what is shared by their cellphone. It is going to be their quotidian problems… But one day we will have to face the truth. We are spying and getting spied all the time.