It starts with a cup of coffee

by amelie_durocher on September 11, 2013 - 11:42am

800 cups of coffee have been bought by the same person to give them back to strangers. Why? To share happiness. Some studies had shown that spending money for someone else would “increase” your level of happiness, because you are not only thinking about yourself.

Monica Kavanaugh bought 800 cups of coffee to give them back to the staff of the Edmonton Royal Alexandra Hospital because they took care of her father. It was a way to thank them. In this article, you can read the entire story and the effect of her act on the population. It has an impact on the hospital staff because they were thank for their job and in the same way it encouraged the population to do the same.

Studies have shown that spending money for others can boost your happiness level, I think it’s true. It’s not necessary to spend 800$ to give something to a stranger or a friend, 5$ or even 1$ can be good if you want to share it with this person. I was really surprised when I read that people felt happier when they buy things for others than for themselves, especially in our society. We live in a material world where our self is considerate as the most important person. By sharing a little thing as a coffee it shows that we are not that important after all if others are not here to help us. We should stop living as an individualist and start thanking people for what they do for you.


Immediately after reading the article, I wanted to know more. It's crazy how being nice to people brings positive effects on our life. I think this is an important information to know, on a moody day, you know what to do to bring you happiness.

In fact, being nice can have big impacts. You don't just feel happier, you feel better about yourself. We are even less likely to interpret the world in a negative or stressful way. Being nice to people is not necessarily related to money. You don't have to spend money to be kind, for example holding the door for someone else is kind and this doesn't cost anything. You can also take time to help your friends with a homework or talk with them when they need it. By being nice to people you also learn how to be more interactive.

Many other thing will bring you happiness, actions that you will take differs to one person to another.

The title of your article has brought me here. I was immediately intrigued about what you wanted to say by "It starts with a cup of coffee".

After reading your article, I totally agree with you. I think that happiness is the best thing in this world. As today's society becomes more and more materialistic, people tend to judge things by their appearance and their values (money). However, in my opinion, it is true that a cup of coffee does not cost a lot of money to many of us, but at least the feeling of sharing is there. "Sharing is caring", I think everyone has already heard of this quote. Buying something little for someone does not only shows your care towards the person, but it also brings happiness to you and me.

I also agree with Janet Davison's argument in the article "Are we hard-wired to buy Timmies for hundreds of strangers?". I feel that the so-called "happiness boost" is an amazing trend that everyone should practice it. This kind of action certainly has a significant meaning behind it since it shows one's generosity, cordiality, as well as it creates happiness and in oneself and to others. That truly helps human connection and affects our relationship positively.

In addition, Lara Aknin, an assistant professor of psychology at B.C.'s Simon Fraser University, implies that "You get more emotional bang for your buck … when you get to see the impact of your gift.". I strongly agree with Aknin. Think about it. When you see the effect that has on someone after making he/she a gift, you will get a completely different feel rather than not seeing the impact of your action.

We should not only spread happiness with the ones that are close to us, but also with strangers! Here is another article about happiness and helping others: