Is It Ok to Abort If You Knew Your Baby Has Down syndrome?

by ariane.r on September 19, 2013 - 6:19am

First we should agree with the abortion to talk about abort a baby with Down syndrome, which is a delicate case. Suppose you are agreeing with that, what could be the right decision?

Down syndrome is a really serious illness. People who have it will probably never going to be able to be independent. Parents who have children with this type of disease sacrifice most of the time their life to their child. Therefore, when you know your baby will have Down syndrome before they were born, for some people the right thing to do is to avoid a life of rejection and suffering. But some of them think they are human and they have the right to live. For example, I have the story of a woman who end her pregnancy at 19 weeks. She chooses abortion because her little boy has the Down syndrome at 99.9% and she knew it one week before it is too late to abort. In only one week, she tried to get all her family’s opinions about this but maybe it was too short to confirm you have taken the right decision. Because she says after three years, she still think about tommy every single time, and she wondered what she would have done if it was happening today?

It was a hard issue and I don’t know what I would do if I had the choice. I think it is a personal choice based on your values and how you see life and all that stuff. If it happens, it changes for sure your life forever. Although it was just a personal story (not a strong argument), I thought it might be interesting to have the witness of someone who had at one time to face the dilemma.

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