It is based on your personality

by amelie_durocher on October 23, 2013 - 12:01pm

Choosing a physical activity depends on a lot of criteria: the part  of your body that you want to improve, your schedule, the sport you have done before etc. Your personality is also in link to the sport you will practice. 

This article is a resume of all the studies that have been done to see how personality is affecting your choices of physical activity. It shows that when people are similar to the activity they do, they tend to be happier and to pursue their workout. For example, someone who loves to listen to music and to dance, will be more tend to try Zumba than someone who accords more importance on getting muscular weight. 

This result is related to the fact that people are more motivated to do something they like and it will better for them to pursue their objectives throughout physical activity that is pleasant for them. Starting to practice sport can be hard because you don't know which activity to choose if it fits with your personality you will have more fun and you will want to work out. We all have objectives when we start a sport and practising something you like will make you improve faster because you will be working and having fun at the same time. I agree with the fact that we should choose an activity that we like, but I also think that when we exercise we feel good and this is what creates the feeling that we like the activity. Even if it doesn’t fit with our personality, trying some new activities improve different aspects of our body and even of our personality. That’s why I think we need to try different things as group and individual activity or inside and outside sports.

This article has some good argument in it. It's based on different studies done by the University of Concordia or by the University of Victoria and it's done for the psychology department. The results of the studies are also well explain and it is linked to the context and to today’s reality. The author provides good examples from different references and his argument are supported by a lot of specialists in this field who own a Ph.D.


I think you bring very good points, but those apply more to young adults. Young adults often have already formed their personalities, they know what works for them and what doesn't. At this point, it's true that choosing a physical activity matching our interests can be good if we want to persevere in our workout.
For kids, I think the opposite applies. Most kids or young teenagers didn't form their personality yet and joining a sport or a team can help them identify to this sport. The kid's personality will be influenced by the values transmitted by his sport, his coaches and his team mates. For example, a young boy who starts to play hockey at 7 and keeps playing for a few years will later on identify himself as a hockey player and behave by the example provided by the hockey culture. For example: leadership, hard work, higher self-esteem...
Here's a link for more information on how sports can help fill out the children's personalities:

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