Iphone 5s or 5c different from the 5 one ?

by gabizawa on September 11, 2013 - 10:02pm



People always want the new generation of phones. The phone’s companies are creating new phones, they’re all in competition, to get the best modal. When it’s not BlackBerry, it’s Iphone, or Samsung. This article will talk about the new Iphone 5s or 5c. Is the Iphone 5s more performant then the 5? That’s what I will talk about in the present article.


Iphone 5c is a new version of the 5 with an add of colours. The author is saying that if you have an Iphone 5, you must keep it. Apple had also created an Iphone 5s which is an improved version of the 5. He suggests to the Iphone 4 owners, to change their phones. Otherwise, even if the Iphone 5 has been discountinued, he stills as good as the 5c. The changes between the 5s and the 5 are the colours, the fingerprint who’s replacing the unlock code, a better camera and a faster processor. The 5 version could get the same camera’s quality with new apps. And the rumor of the price is false, an iphone 5s or 5c won’t be under 650$. They are rumours about the 2014 Iphone so we should wait this better version of Iphone.


I think this article is totally realistic to our generation. Because, we are always wanting the new version. We don’t think about the money we lose in material goods. Second, Iphone 5 is already a good and recent version so why would we change. Third, the improvement of the 5s and the 5c are not as that much important so we could keep the 5 version. It was important for me to show you this article to proove you that we don’t need the new version of our phones. It may bring only small new improvements. That’s our generation and we must be conscient of this article.



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