The importance of school in environmental crisis

by gabizawa on October 30, 2013 - 2:50pm



As my self-experience with children, I agree with what I heard about the children’s learning. When we are starting to learn stuffs to our children when they are young, it is easy for them to remember what we have learnt to them and to improve their knowledge in the future. If we start to talk about environment to children younger and at school they may more carry about it.


We are now starting to succeed in making people realize how human activity is related to environmental crisis, which is good. The effects related to human activity are finding in global activity as an example in the ozone or by the production of gas emissions. Also it can be found in regional, with the destruction of forests or the erosion. And we are finding effects also in smaller activities, in other words, in local activity. We are talking here about pollution of vehicles, the soil contamination and there are many other examples that create environmental disturbances. By making efforts in our community, in the management and the education of the environment it will be helpful for the policy of the protection of the environment. In education, the environment is a new topic they are insisting about. By this way, we help the society and its individuals to improve the environmental crisis that is increasing. This will be helpful for now and also for the future generations. We need to improve the importance of the environmental case in education to promote the responsibility in our society by citizens and what they could do to participate in the environmental case. If we don’t it won’t be enough to make changes in the society.


This article was not so much relevant related to its title. The author told many examples of what are the effects in global, regional and local according to human activity. I found it interesting, but the thing I wish the author had insisted on was to promote the importance of environment by the education. This article was written by the Ministry of Education, it must be a good article about the environment in education. Excluding the fact that they want to improve the importance of it, they don’t really show how to integrate it and what can promote the environment. That is why I found this article weak as they characterize of Environmental Education Guidelines.

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