Great White Sharks in the Great White North

by filip_bec on October 30, 2013 - 11:45pm

As humans, we are not used to unusual things. We like to have our perfect life, and everything that we don’t know is terrifying us. That’s how scientists feel right now about Great White Sharks. The only difference between us and them is that they will venture out and try to figure out the unusual.

Rewind one year back and shark exerts would say that there are less and less great white sharks In the Atlantic Ocean. But today, they will say the complete opposite. Each time a white shark was found, a special group would put a receptor on its fin, and it gives the ability to scientists to track the position of the shark. This is called tagging a shark. This year, more and more white sharks are tagged. And recently, 6 great white sharks were detected to coming up to Halifax. It is the first time in humanity so many sharks of this kind are in the Canadian waters. But there is an answer to everything. Scientists compared the path of the sharks with the sea surface temperature, and they noticed the sharks were following the warm current. This means the sharks are following food sources, or at least trying to find food.

After reading this article, I realised that sometimes, unknown information is not only found in outer space our in atoms. It can be near us, and a simple analysis of the situation can help understanding it. Sharks are like humans. They act on influences and don’t do uncommon actions. They didn’t come in Canadian waters just for pleasure. Something motivated them. With the help of scientists, we now know that their motivation was food and temperature of water. These two elements also act as premises. The conclusion in this article was that great white sharks are increasing their numbers in the Great White North.

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