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by amelie_durocher on September 18, 2013 - 12:08pm

Sleeping is hard for a lot of us. Even if we go to bed it doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping. A study has been published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology who shows that we can improve our brain to sleep by reading some keywords.

“Calm”, “relax”, “cozy” those are words that improves our sleeping because it activates our goal-minded process. Those words are supposed to help us to realize that we are tired and that we should go to bed. The only thing you have to do, is to read these relaxing words, an hour before going to bed.

I think this article is kind of interesting because at one point in our day we are tired, but sleeping is hard to find. Reading those words is also a way to improve your mental because you go into a psychological process in which you are increasing your own power. Before doing their performances a lot of athletes visualize or they are saying words like victory, winning, winner etc. It’s the same with sleeping. The statements in this article are interesting, but we are missing some information to have a good premise. At first, we don’t know on who the study has been done. Then, we know that it improves their sleeping for 47% but what does it represents? It could be half an hour or 3 hours. Actually, they are only giving you a tip, so if it works just do it and have a good night. 





This idea of getting people to sleep is interesting. I personally have a lot of difficulty to find sleep even after a big day or even more a full week of work added with school. Visualization is a very good way to get in the right mind set to achieve something where you need to be prepared. On the other hand, majority of people who has difficulty to go to bed thinks that going for a run can take away their problems but actually it is not quite right. Having a good aerobic program before going to bed can work but only if the program is maintain for a certain period of time. For my part insomnia is, and always will be a hard battle to win even if research are made on this particular subject. This theory about exercise and sleep is still not the best one out there because a bad night of sleep can lead to smaller want to move and do physical activity. I really think that sleep is a hard thing to do… well.


This post immediately got my attention because ironically last night I could not fall asleep for the life of me. All day long I trudged through homework and studying and dreamed of sleeping and snuggling up with my blankets in bed. However when the time comes to go to sleep, something switches in my brain like hah! Your not gonna go to sleep! Then I am left lying in bed begging my mind to stop racing and thinking and to just let me fall asleep. An hour or so later my body finally weakens and I go to sleep... until I am suddenly woken up a little bit later by something and then have to repeat the cycle again!
The idea of just saying some comforting words in your mind will help you go to sleep is a nice thought... however the validity of it is questionable. Although you stated in your post that the research and validity of this experiment was weak I would of found it more interesting if you were to look up more information or other tips or experiments scientists have done to help people fall asleep. I liked how your topic was on an interesting and unusual topic and wasn't so "mainstream" and overdone". I enjoyed reading it very much and I will have to try if saying those words before I go to bed help or not!

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