Glaciers in the National Glacier Park are Melting!

by Meli.caron007 on October 2, 2013 - 9:02pm

We all hear that glaciers are melting and that they are increasing the volume of water in our seas. But we never hear the statistics and how much ice there is left on earth. We only know that if we do not stop polluting, we will be completely immerged by water and that many islands are going to disappear from the map.

In fact, the article of Robert kunzig (, is actually giving a precise number of 25 glaciers that are still drifting, in comparison to a century ago, where there were 150 glaciers. These numbers are alarming. The journalist reveals important facts about the “lifetime” of a glacier. Hence scientists in exploration at the national park found that many of the glacier present 100 years ago were completely or almost gone today. They planned that by the years 2100, no more glaciers will land at the national park. Kunzig also mentioned interesting facts about glaciers and their way of “breathing”.

The article is a reliable source , since the web is only posting articles from journalist that have some specialist relations, like Robert Kunzig which is working in collaboration with glaciologist and Swiss scientist. The article is also printed in the magazine The National Geographic, which is well known for being accurate and scientifically supported.

 Since we learn from our childhood that global warming is important and that we need to take care of our planet, we see that not many changes have been made since we have learned it. This is another major problem related to this article, as we are responsible for this loss of pure water. We now need to fix this problem before  glaciers no more exits.

To learn more about the Glacier national park:


I agree with you on your point that the environment’s case is really important to be aware of. When you talk about what we had learned since our childhood about pollution and the danger of it, nothing has really changed since this time. It’s real we are always talking about we should make changes but not everyone make changes. In fact, the majority of us don’t make any daily changes that are easy and can’t make the environment’s case worse. The glacier’s melting can’t be stopped but we don’t want to accelerate this melting. That’s why I think we must change our daily lifestyles. One environment’s trouble is causing another. As an example to what you wrote about, the glacier’s melting causes trouble to the water’s wildlife. I chose your article because I wanted to learn more about what I wrote in my last two articles that are on the ocean’s health and the Polar Bear protection. You can see the relation with your article by going on these links.

It is sad to say, but we are responsible for what is happening right now. We are the ones who not only made climate change worse, but who started it. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report states that human influence on climate change is become more certain. I agree with you that since our childhood, we are thought about climate change. But the problem is that it is not only the population’s job to work together and reduce pollution. The government has the biggest role in this play. But even with evidence and true facts from analysts, government is not putting the effort it should be putting. WE are past the time of finding the problems. It is time to talk about solutions. Governments are too preoccupied about the economics of the country. Because they sure know that if they are to put effort in the climate change problem, they will need to reduce their economic side. This article sums up clearly the position of governments in the climate change issue:

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