Facebook: 13 years old

by alexandragagne2 on October 23, 2013 - 10:54am

Influencing by all the media that are out there, children want to be more and more a part of it. They want the newest iPhones, they have brand clothes and they want to be on the most popular network site, known as Facebook. Lately, Facebook is thinking about letting the access to 13 years old child, but is it a good idea? First of all, there is a law that clearly says (Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act) that without the approval of the parent, companies should not get information about kids if they are under 13. In this internet article (link below) it is specified that Facebook is going to consider this law, but they don't say how... How you want to control the parental approval if they are not able to control the age of the people who subscribe to the site? As we all know, many children subscribe to Facebook by giving another year of birth instead of their real one, because you need 18. Personally, I hope that this idea will not become the reality. It's dangerous to provide this type of network service to such young people, it can cause much more discrimination and bring other problems that we don't need. I liked this article because it's another proof that we want to include the young public in the media and all sort of publicity. For my part I think that this is maybe one of the limits that we should not cross.


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