by amelie_durocher on October 30, 2013 - 12:08pm

Since a couple of years, a debate on the amount of physical exercise that should be in school occurs. People are trying to figure out if physical activity can really help kids at school or if it is just a reason to decrease the amount of class they take. Studies have been done by three universities to find a correlation between the amount of exercise kids are doing and their grades at school.

This article shows the result of the study done by the Universities of Dundee, Bristol and Georgia. They found that more active a child is, the greatest their academic performance is during test. They revealed physical activity improves executive functions of the brain which leads to a better concentration in class and finally to better grades in exams.

 I think this article is very interesting because this topic has been in debate since a long time and the studies were not relevant to prove that physical activity has an impact on the grades in school. I think increasing the amount of gym in school could decrease the number of people who give up and leads to a highest level of students who graduate after high school. Even if the physical activity is not done at school, exercising should be promoted by the families because it has a lot of benefits no matter what age you are. Physical exercise is not the only thing that improve performance at school but it is the more beneficial for your body. This article contains a terminology appropriated to the context which constitutes good arguments because it’s based on a study done by three universities which have a good reputation. They also uses the study done by the British Journal of Sport Medicine to compare their results and see if there is a correlation between those two. 



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