by andree-anne talbot on September 4, 2013 - 11:09pm



 As a student thinking about her future, but mostly trying to plan or anticipate it, I really enjoyed reading this article. Actually, I think the word “enjoyed” isn’t that accurate. What I mean is that, what read in this article was “good to know”, but a little bit disappointing.


Basically, this opinion editorial in The Gazette, is revealing that Quebecers these days are moving out from here to other provinces, mainly Alberta, more then they ever did. The main reason is probably because of the economy going more and more weak in the province of Quebec. It also states some other reasons and explains why and how the emigration occurs to some people particularly or in some working sectors. One example is the doctors and their work conditions or salary.


According to this editorial, the government of Quebec should begin to worry a little bit more about the economic situation, instead of focusing all energies on the independence or the preservation of French language. And if they would care more about the economic system, taxes should be reduced. Finally, in this opinion text, one of the many lend ideas is that everybody in Quebec needs a better economy, whatever where you come from or whatever your first language is. Even if it’s sad, without being able to preserve French language, we should all survive to this. But if we reverse the situation, if were not able to enhance the economy, in the worst of all possible cases, maybe not everyone will survive. This is a weird thing to say, but this is just the most extreme case that could occur.


The “good thing to know” in all this is that it seems to have opportunities outside Quebec, our future can still be well provide, but maybe it will land somewhere else than where we think it will… That is the disappointing part of that article. After all, it isn’t just all Quebecers life were talking about, it is our, it is your, and this is the reason why you should go read this opinion editorial.