Emphasis on beauty

by alexandragagne2 on September 4, 2013 - 10:34pm

Emphasis on Beauty


It’s known by almost everybody that our society places a lot of importance on the physical appearance. Is it good? I don’t think so. Yes we are in a world that we have to look god to get a job, look good to have a relationship, it seems like we always have to be on top to get want we want. Am I the only one who see it like this?

I’m agree that physical first impression is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. For example if you’re going for a job interview you can’t present yourself in jogging pants. It’s important to look great for certain circumstances, but there is some limit. Let’s say that you’re the person that hired people. Would you rather take a blond girl with white teeth or the other one, who still looks great, but is not six feet tall, who has brown hair, and some pimples. For sure you would take the first one. Why? Because she is more beautiful than the other. Even if she has a better CV with one or two thing that the blond girl don’t have, the choice remains the same.

It’s a sad situation because many girls and even guys are unemployed, related to the physical issue. At a certain point we should have conscious of the repercussion of our acts. If we continue to act like this there will be more and more publicities with anorexic girls on it and TV shows that are based on the appearance like American’s next top model. Natural is a beautiful world and everyone should be like that inside and outside.

Many people don’t have the chance to look like a top model, but is it a reason to put them aside?

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