Earthquake ruined lives

by filip_bec on September 26, 2013 - 12:02am

Have you ever imagined an Earthquake hitting Montreal? No way would this happen. Now put yourself in the skin of the people in Pakistan. They thought the same thing, and now, they need to suffer the consequences of the nature.


An earthquake of 7.7 magnitude of the scale of Richter hit the Pakistan’s province, Balochistan. Strangely, after this incident and island suddenly appeared near the port of Gwadar. Not only this earthquake made appear and island, but it left thousands of people homeless. On 300,000 people, there is for now 328 deaths. And sadly, this number is getting bigger and bigger. In the Awaran town, 90% of the houses were completely destroyed. It is due to the fact that this town is the closest to the epicenter of the quake. People that were hit by the quake lost everything. No more food, no more water, and all the material objects. Even worse, the water is undrinkable because of all the mud the quake created.


While reading this article, I was could not stop thinking about the people out there. Sure, the government sent soldiers, medics and help, but I can’t stand the fact that these people have their life ruined. And this will last for a good bit, because you don’t clean this mess in a day. This situation of misery will be going for months and months. Being physically damaged is one thing, but the earthquake affected many on the psychological level. Imagine on day, having a house, food family, and the next day, all this things important to you gone. And who can we blame for that? We can only hope that the number of deaths will stop increasing. Hope that they will eventually get better.


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