by andree-anne talbot on October 23, 2013 - 10:48pm


When I saw the title of the article, which is “Paraplegic mum goes duct-taped surfing on South Australia’s West coast” I thought “No! This can’t be true!” Actually it is true and some pictures are included to the article. Pascale Honore is 50 years old and paraplegic and she goes surfing with Tyron Swan a 23 years old surfer and diver.

 18 years ago, Pascale was involved in a car accident and after being ejected from the car, she realized she couldn’t move her legs anymore. It took her about five months to accept the fact she could not walk anymore and she decided to live her life fully.

Tyron was a friend of Pascale’s son and as he was drinking a couple of beers with some of their friends, he had an idea. He said he could surf with Pascale on his back. Everybody thought he was joking but he believed this could be possible, just as Pascale did either.

After practicing on flat water, Pascale and Tyron decided to go to the beach. Wearing a backpack as a harness, Pascale is getting on Ty’s back and then someone has to help them out with the taping part. They are using a whole roll of duct-taped to tie her up to Ty’s back.

When they cached their first wave, Pascale really enjoyed the feeling and their duct-tape technique was effective, so they decided they are going to try surfing bigger waves at an Australian West coast beach.

This story is really interesting and kind of sad and happy at the same time but I think it is better to see it as happier than sad. It is nice to see that this woman can do something quite unbelievable and so courageous.


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