Doing Anything for GTA V

by filip_bec on September 18, 2013 - 10:10pm

You have probably heard of the Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most anticipated and popular video game of all time. Monday night, there was a midnight launch in many local stores, and the line-ups could go up to 100 people and more. True fans where impatiently waiting for the clock to hit midnight. But what if I tell you that three men successfully bypassed the line and obtained their copies of the game by breaking the law?


At the Gamestop local store in State Island, three men pretended to be cops. They had a police car, which they got in an auction. One guy had a fake police badge, the other was an auxiliary member of the NYPD, and the last one was a son of a retired police officer. They came just before the midnight launch, and offered “extra security”. The manager accepted this offer, like anyone would do. But when the store opened its doors, the fake cops showed their badges to the manager, and he sold them a copie of GTA. They left the store right after the purchase, please by what they managed to do. On their way back home, they made an illegal U-turn and a real undercover police officer busted them. They were charged with a second-degree impersonation, which can lead to one year of jail. Karma will always catch you!


This article made me somehow mad and pleased at the same time. I was pleased by the way this entire situation turned out, but I was mad that some people on this planet have such low respect for others and for them. And they did all this only for a game. Honest people waited hours in the line for the game, and none of them tried to act like these three men did. Not only did they not show respect for the ones in the line, but for them too. How do you feel after an action like that? I would certainly feel ashamed. And this is not the only place such things happened. In UK, a man got stabbed after he bought GTA. I cannot understand what is happening in the mind of these people, because a human isn’t supposed to harm others for no reason. And let me tell you that a game isn’t a reason at all. People need to start putting their priorities at the right place, because impersonating authorities or stabbing someone for a copie of a video game isn’t normal after all.


The first link down below is the case in State Island, and the second one is in UK: