Does Skin Tone Really Represent Who We Are?

by cynthiachu on October 2, 2013 - 11:00pm


Every single human on this planet is known to be different. In fact, generally, what most differentiate people from others are their gender, their education, their religion, and especially their race. In some cases, this variance can cause problem to others and discrimination called ‘’racism’’.

In this article, Omar Diallo, who lives in Greece and who has African origins, has been assaulted in the streets of Athens. However, he affirms that it was not the first time he experienced racism in any forms, whether it was verbally or physically. In fact, his neighbourhood has become popularly known to be a dangerous place for dark-skinned people since some people allow themselves to express their hate towards black people with violence.

This story is unfortunately very sad but it is however not the only one. In fact, in every country of the world, racial discrimination and incidents of those kinds are happening often. For instance, according to Rasmussen Reports, out of a survey of 1,000 adults that was done in 2013, 37% of African American, 38% of Hispanics and 29% of Caucasians think the relation between the races are currently getting worse in the United States. As well, according to the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration, in 2008, 172 racial crimes were reported in Ireland, which implied assault causing harm, harassment, offences, etc.

Also, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone is empowered to have the rights and freedoms whatever their race, colour, or origin. Also, it stipulates that they are entitled to equal protection against discrimination. As a citizen of the world, it is our duty to respect this Declaration in order to establish peace in the world. Therefore, by showing racist attitude towards people of a certain skin tone one is violating this fundamental right.

Moreover, what shocks me is to know that some people actually believe that some races are naturally inferior or superior to others and that it should remain that way. In fact, I wanted to write about this article because I think that skin color or any form of distinction should not be the target of any kind of assault and therefore we should start doing something about it before this tendency gets worse. In fact, skin color without a doubt does not define who the person is. One should judge a person by their actions not by the way they look or their race.


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