Does Online Privacy Really Exist?

by cynthiachu on September 4, 2013 - 11:12pm


Nowadays, electronic devices have taken a lot of places in our lives. In fact, we use them for many purposes such as communicating with friends, sharing personal information, surfing on the Internet, etc. What first got me excited about this article is the fact that, in reality, no one has really a true knowledge concerning “online privacy”. Is online information, by accepting the ‘’Private policy and Terms of Use’’, really in security and classified confidential, even by the government?

In this article, it talks about a poll that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority did whether it was acceptable or not for governments to check every online user’s activities. Apparently, 49% answered “completely unacceptable”, while 47% other said it was acceptable in certain circumstances and the rest found it completely acceptable. They also did a poll asking people’s opinion on government surveillance to prevent terrorist attacks, as well as one on the fact that the government might already be watching them and another on the complete confidentiality provided by some sites, etc.

The reason I chose to write about this article is because I find it very contradictory that there are people, that we do not know and that we have no control on who they could be, have the possibility on going through all our personal stuff even though there is the existence of a notion called ‘’privacy settings’’. I am writing this article to make people aware that it is not because you post something privately that you do have the true control of the people who can see it.



I totally agree with this article. Online privacy is just an illusion that people have. There are way too many people spying on population. There are things that I don’t want anyone to see and those particular items are kept in my computer in “security.” The fact that someone I don’t even know could be able to go through them is unacceptable. It’s called privacy for a reason. I think it is unethical for anyone to spy on someone else. Consider what someone with a Deontological way of thinking would say. There are things that cannot morally be done and people need to avoid these kind of acts in any circumstances. What would you do if the government were spying on you? Even though I strongly disagree with spying on people, it can be good for the government when they look at statistics or even if they want to prevent terrorist’s attacks as said in your post. Never the less, I don’t think our society will even get to the point of Big Brother in George Orwell’s book 1984.

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