Dead Girl Promoted Website

by amelie_durocher on September 18, 2013 - 12:06pm

Dating website is something popular in our society. Why? Because we’re not getting out a lot, we’re working, playing sports or having a family. Who’s controlling those web sites and how are they promoting? Are they allowed to use our picture for publicity?

A website have put the picture of a girl, who has committed suicide, to promote their service. They use her profile picture on her Facebook account and create some publicities written: “Meet Canadian girls and women “or “Find love in Canada”. This idea from the “ionechat” website has created a lot of comments and the company was asked to remove those publicities.

Personally, I think it’s an offense to the girl’s family. Those publicities were shown on Facebook, which means people through the world could see their daughter’s face promoting a dating website while she’s dead. Even if they had been deleted from the social network, it’s not tolerable that any website can decide to choose our profile picture to sell a product or a service, especially in this case. Plus, we don’t really know if they withdraw the ad. I think it’s an offense to our private life. Publicity should be an art, but it also should be done with respect. This is where “Ionechat” failed.