by alexandragagne2 on October 2, 2013 - 3:07pm

Internet or Wi-Fi connection is now everywhere, but this have negative effect on our lifestyle.

With this connection we do all the things we used to do on computer now on our cell phones and tablets. Wi-Fi  Internet, unlike what we think, is not always a safe connection. However, that doesn't stop people to do online banking, shopping and access social media site. We complain about the security internet provides us but we're not helping the cause.  Many of us don't log off after a social network session and we even share our social media password with everyone. How could we complain that our account his hacked? We can't trust anybody.

What is the first thing you do when you are in a free internet area? You try to connect to it. Go on facebook because it's been a while, check the amout of your bank account or look where your order of some online shopping is at this time. With all these applications it's obvious that we have less security.

I think there is a moment for everything in life, so checking our bank account while we are at some restaurant may not be the perfect time. If we want less cybercrime we have to be careful of what we do with the Wi-Fi connection and even the private connection at home.

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