Counterfeiting a way to lose money

by gabizawa on September 11, 2013 - 10:04pm




Counterfeiting is not the best way to save our money. When we talk about counterfeit goods, we think of articles who are less expensive than the real product. In fact, the only advantage to buy knockoffs is that. Otherwise, counterfeiting production exploits child, can be harmful for our health and the quality of these is inferior to the real product. Why waste our money on buying counterfeits?


Company owners of luxury goods have tried to stop the production of knockoffs by doing many operations with the police and investigators. On May 2009, Coach started an operation called “Operation Turnlock” against counterfeiting companies. A study from MIT’s Sloan School of Management found that we shouldn’t try to stop counterfeiting production. It’s proved that 40% of counterfeit’s buyers finish by buying the real product. They’re doing that because they realize how these knockoffs are cheap compared to the real product. We can recognize when it’s a knockoff which isn’t the goal of the consumer. Just by seeing how the consumer is dressed. What I mean by my article’s title is that you must buy the real item. It will be expensive, but less then buy fakes more than one time.


I agree with this article. First of all, like the article is saying, it’s a waste of money. Why would we buy things that we know affirmatively that are cheap? To buy more of them? That’s why I highly recommended to you to read this article. It will inform you about the negative effects of buying knockoffs. Second, the quality of counterfeits is not the same then the real product. Third, we may know when it’s fake that’s why you must not buy it. In conclusion, that’s why I agree this article.

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