Concussion; football

by Laurence Morin-Emond on October 30, 2013 - 12:19pm

Most of the time, in Canada, Quebec, especially, we talk of the dangerous hit in hockey. It’s normal; the number one sport is hockey. But in the instance of USA, the sport number one is football and here, we do not talk that much of the concussion in football, which are probably more present in this sport than hockey.

Actually, more than 45% of the National Football League (NFL) players admitted have got an official diagnostic of concussion. A little less than the half… it’s huge! The worst is that most of them will or already got more than 2/3 other concussions. Why? Because after getting one concussion, it’s way much easier to get two, three, four or five others… And this is where it become dangerous… Really dangerous.

Generally, a concussion and its symptoms can take 2 at 3 weeks to get away. For the first one only. Because after three, the number of weeks get longer and longer. In fact, a concussion directly attack our brain. That means it affect the judgment, the emotions, the memory, and even the eyes. If someone is victim of a severe concussion, for the days after the incident, it will be very difficult for him to watching light. Plus, it will be accompanied of big headaches and sometimes, vomiting. At long term, serious diseases like Alzheimer or depression can be observe on the victims of several and repetitive concussions. Who wants to live that? Nobody.

That’s why I think that NFL, NHL, even NBA and also all the player associations should take a seat and talk about this. The situation become abnormally critical, they should had move before. In the article, the author talk of death and concussion relied. I did think it’s relied, but not as critical she’s describe it. I think concussion can accelerate the death; especially if she or his touch by Alzheimer. It’s sad to see this because it would be easy to prevent this sort of event. I am not talking of abort the hit in sport. I just think the players should be mind and think seriously before hit a player directly on the head (or on the neck). It is possible to hit a player and win a game without throw the players away of the game for months.

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